Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why oh Why with some Encouragement

Please, please, please go read this blog post.  It made me laugh out loud.  More than once.

It's about the things that come up when you start typing "why..." in google.  I'm sure that google does it for the humor, or something like that.  but I find it amusing.

One another note, I love my community group.  Yes, I've said it before. Tonight they spent part of our evening praying for me and for my test Saturday and reading scripture over me.  I just happen to think they are the greatest.  They are a huge part of the support that has gotten me through this year.  I walked into community group feeling super weary and exhausted and left feeling energized and encouraged.  I love you girls!

On the way home, I had my ipod on shuffle.  The Needtobreathe song that came on didn't hit me until it got to the chorus and these words came at me, "Lift up your head, look out the window, 'cause it's almost over now."  And I feel like that's true.  Saturday is almost here, and I'm facing it with optimism that this is the end. 

Almost there!

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Erin said...

You're so close!! And if you're thinking about Googling "how do I...pass the CPA exam," Google might actually be better suited to tell you how to get rid of fruit flies. Crazy Google.

Go Sarah!!!!