Monday, November 16, 2009

Things I'm Looking Forward To...

  • First, and probably most obviously, my test being finished. Five days in case anyone is counting.
  • And Gloria's with friends the night after my test!
  • Thanksgiving with my family. I'm so excited to be home with everyone.
  • Going to lounge night at CityCraft with the girls. I haven't even been to the store yet, but I hear it's amazing.
  • Along the same lines, I am very much looking forward to working on all the homemade Christmas gift ideas I have floating around in my head!! There are so many different things I would LOVE to be working on right now. It's taking all my willpower to study and not bust out my sewing machine!
  • The photography class that I signed up for in December!
  • Ski trip with my high school girls. I know I have at least a couple of my girls going and it should be a blast!
  • And the tour of families Christmas vacation. Actual Christmas with my grandparents and Dad's side of the family. The day after Christmas with all of Mama's siblings and their families (an annual tradition that we haven't gotten to be a part of in quite a few years), and then New Year's weekend with my immediate family.
I'm looking forward to all of these things. They are keeping me going as I push through five more days of studying.


Kristie said...

as alike as we are in so many ways, we are SO different. :)

Erin said...

Ok, several items:

1. Those photography classes look awesome!! I'm so glad you found one!
2. Crafting with snacks and other cool things? My sewing machine and I would love to join you!
3. Almost time to kick this test in the butt once and for all!!!!

Love you and your craftiness.