Thursday, November 29, 2007

Every Good & Perfect Gift...

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about how thankful for all the things that God has given me. I know it seems kind of cliche at this time of year, but it's almost like I've had to remind myself that God has given me good things. I have set my sight so much on the things I don't have or the things that I think aren't fair in my life. So, I've been making an effort to write down the things that God has done in my life lately and all of the things that He has blessed me with. It's amazing what looking at those things does to take your mind off of the little petty things. Here's a few of things things that I am SO thankful for:
  • My Wonderful Family - I mean, really, I couldn't ask for a better family!

  • The chance to go to Brazil and get to tell some great kids about Jesus. And the chance to go back in April!!
  • GREAT FRIENDS!!!!! God has provided me with great friendships in every area of my life. These are just a few of the amazing people He has place in my life.

LB & Julia - here being my triathlon support. Everyday just being wonderful, consistent friends!

Lisa - my running buddy! Without her, I would most certainly not be in shape and I probably would have walked out of student ministries after the first week except for the fact that she talked to me and let me sit with her & her girls!

And my favorite girls!!! I can't imagine what my life would be like without these girls! My parents prayed for great friends and roommates in college, and boy did God deliver. These girls are without a doubt the people who know me the best and that I know will always be around!

  • Some amazing 8th grade girls who I'm pretty sure teach me more than I teach them. It's hard to believe that they are in 8th grade already. Being their small group leader for the last 2 and a half years has been such a huge learning experiences and one of the greatest blessings in my life. I can't wait to see what the Lord does in them in the next 4 and a half years!

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like the shifting shadows. James 1:17

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Going to the Chapel...

No, of course I'm not, but Michelle is! My wonderful college roommate Michelle got engaged Sunday afternoon and I could not be more excited! Charlie & Michelle are such a great fit - I've known it since the second I met him. Anyone who can meet Michelle's parents (which is really quite an experience all its own), her sister, and me & Sarah all in the same day without being phased is obviously worth keeping around. I've loved getting to know Charlie and just see his character and how there is no one else I could imagine my Michelle marrying.

SO, all that to say they got engaged on Sunday. Saturday, Michelle & I drove down to Waco to see Emily. On the way down Michelle says, "I think I want to get engaged tomorrow." Of course, I almost have a heart attack, and try to make sure my face isn't giving me away. After my mild internal freak out, I'd say I did a pretty sure I did a good job of lying/telling her not to have any expectations for the next afternoon when her and Charlie were hanging out.

After he proposed (at White Rock Lake) they came to Meredith's house where 60 of their close friends and family were waiting to celebrate with them. It was so much fun to hang out and see all of the people who really love these two people there. Anyhow, much fun was had at the party, I was forgiven for lying, and all that's left if pictures from the night's festivities.

Me with Ryan, Michelle's brother. He's pretty much the brother I never had...

Charlie & Michelle when they got there.
Carolyn, Meredith, me, Jessica & Michelle. I love these girls!

With the ring...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Adventures in Half Marathoning...

Lately I feel as if I've been getting a little glimpse of just how mentally unstable I must be to have taken up this hobby we call running. First of all, the sheer fact that I wake up somewhere between 5:00 & 5:30 am in order to run 3 days a week is enough to make anyone crazy. Second, we are getting close enough to the actual event, that the long runs are actually getting quite time consuming. Yesterday, for example, I ran for approximately 1 hour and 50 minutes...I never thought I could tolerate exercising for that long! Lastly, and the most extreme point is that I am putting my life in danger!

Last Thursday, Lisa & I took out in my car to our Jr. High track where we sometimes run. We pull into the parking lot, but Lisa is stalling from actually having to run by reading the book I was taking to my roommate from my hairdresser - Jenny McCarthy's book about how she is "healing" her son's autism. Once I lure Lisa away from Jenny (or her mocking of Jenny), we get out of the car to walk to the track and Lisa spots something moving across the field. At first we think that it's a dog, then another one moves under the light, and we realize that they are coyotes. Yes, I said coyotes! We quickly turn around and get back in the car. But we don't leave immediately, not before we can get a picture of the predators invading our track!

Needless to say, we then went and found a different place to do our running that day. But all day Lisa got to tell people about how Jenny McCarthy saved her life, because if she wouldn't have been reading the book and sitting in the car for longer, than we would have been out on the track before we saw our little friends. I know it's hard to tell in the small picture that it's a coyote, but if you click on the picture it will get bigger, and you can see that our lives really were in danger!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Getting Away From It All!

This weekend I went to Nashville for our annual roommate get together. We had so much fun hanging out with all of the girls. We flew out Thursday night and had a little delay in DFW, so Sarah, Michelle & I got Cantina Laredo & Starbucks to keep us occupied. Michelle & Sarah with their Starbucks:

Friday we went for a run that morning. Natalie & Michelle were running ahead of me & Sarah and somehow we managed to get lost. They had to come find us in the car! That afternoon we go to go see where Emily works, go to Target, and just hang out. Friday night we went to dinner with Emily & Natalie's roommate at a yummy Thai place. This is me & Michelle at dinner:

Saturday morning we woke up & made chocolate chip pancakes and then headed off to go hiking. We had a lot of fun just talking and hanging out in the beautiful weather. It was super hilly, and I think I could still be a little sore! This is me, Sarah & Michelle on the way to go hiking and then the whole group on the trail:

Saturday afternoon, we got our Christmas present from Natalie & Emily - group pictures! They have a friend who's a photographer and we went around Nashville taking group pictures. Here's one of the hundreds:

Saturday night we cooked dinner and watched Natalie's play DVD. She did a community theater play this Fall, and it was so fun to get to see it! Sunday we went to church and had lunch with Emily's family. We did a little more hanging out, and then it was time to head to the airport.

Time with these girls was really so great. I love getting uninterrupted time to catch up on their lives and talk about what's really going on. I love them so much and am so glad we all get to be in the same place at least once a year!

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