Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Droogsma

Natalie and Amory got married almost 2 weeks ago...I'm a little behind on the blogging.  It was a wonderful day.  From pedicures with all the girls in the morning, to lunching and doing everyone's hair and makeup in the hotel suite, to pictures at the church.  A wonderful, God-honoring ceremony and a blast of a reception.

I couldn't be more excited for my friend.  Amory is a wonderful guy and I know they are going to have a full and wonderful life together!


 Getting ready!

 The most fun van ride ever!  We might have come close to death on the way to the church!

 Sparkling grape juice!

 I took very few pictures of the reception...I guess I was doing too much dancing.  I loved their little private table...although it didn't stay private too much of the time.

 Wonderful Baylor friends Stephanie & Brittney!

 More Baylor girls - Steph, me, Sarah, Emily & Elisa.

 The End!!

The Day Before...

The day before Natalie and Amory's wedding was wonderful fun!  We went to the bridesmaids luncheon.  We decorated the church.  And then headed for the rehearsal and dinner.  It was a busy, but great day getting ready for the big day!

 Natalie and her new sisters at the luncheon.  (Abby and Alex)

 Marci, me & Michelle

 Brody made an appearance!

 All the girls!
Me, Michelle, Sarah, Emily, Marci, Natalie, Abby & Alex.

 The Baylor girls...goofy as usual.

 Decorating Time!



 The wonderful mariachi band...they were excellent! Making Guacamole!!!!

 The bride & groom!

 Baylor girls...again!

 A little post-dinner trip to Walmart for a scavenger hunt of sorts!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Natalie's Lingerie Shower

The Wednesday before Natalie's wedding, we through her a lingerie shower.  We had to wait until Emily got in town from Paris, of course, so it was definitely crammed in there with all the wedding festivities.  It was a really fun night, she had a ton of friends show up, and she got lots of good gifts.

 The cookies I made for the shower...

All packaged up as favors.

 The Grandview girls.

Baylor girls!

Me & the bride!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Roomie Christmas

Every year we have Baylor roommate Christmas.  I love our little tradition.  We don't do over the top gifts or anything, but we always have a good time.  This year we crammed it in before Natalie's lingerie shower.  Here are a few of our annual pictures.

 The scarves I made for the girls...Sarah getting a little bit silly with it!

 The scarves...they turned out a little longer than I intended.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Leader Christmas Party

The Student Ministries Leader's Christmas party is always one of the highlights of my December.  I love the way that they make us feel appreciated for the work that we do.  And I love just seeing everyone outside of the normal context. 

Some pictures from the evening:

 The old running, Kyla, & Lisa.

 The Community group minus Katie. Alex, Karla, Leanne, Sarah F., Caryn, Jen & me.

 Sweet friends!


 Me, Robyn, Sarah J. & Julie

 Sweet Katie Davis - love this girl!

The whole crew!