Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Christmas Wreath!

Yesterday I bought stuff to put together a Christmas wreath.  While the roommate & I watched Glee last night, I went to town with the hot glue gun and ended up with this:

And today I'm wearing this.  Only 7 outfits to go...and I'm started to get a little excited about seeing my other clothes, although I probably have more than 7 outfits left in my head...which is a good thing...hopefully things won't get desperate around here!


Kasey Joy said...

Amazing wreath! Love it! Also, this has to be one my fave outfits you have put together! The belt, the scarf, you look great! Kendi would be proud! Good luck in the final week, I must say, it feels great to be done! I'm so glad you did it too, it is fun watching someone else I know do it too!

Natrudy said...

Sometimes I get outright angry at how talented you are. Is that an ok thing to say? You're like Martha Stewart, and I'm like...the lowly intern that's about to get fired. You need to open your own store.

JMay said...

Wow, that wreath is amazing!!! Can I also just say how amazing your kitchen is!!!