Friday, August 20, 2010

Nat's Engaged!!!

This weekend I got to celebrate the engagement of a very special friend to a very special guy!  Natalie & Amory got engaged on Saturday morning.  He had called in the reinforcements beforehand and recruited Charlie & Michelle to be with them so that they could take pictures.  And then he planned a wonderful engagement party/dinner for all her close friends and family.  It was seriously such a blast and such an honor to get to celebrate these two!

And I got the privilege of delivering the extra special surprise to the party - Emily Borders!!!!  (She lives in Paris right now...hence the excessive exclamation points.) She was already in the states, vacationing with her family, and Amory got in touch with her to have her fly in for the surprise.

I could not be more excited for these two.  They are getting married in December when Natalie is on her longest break from PT school, and it is going to be a blast.  That is, if she survives cramming wedding planning into such a short engagement!

The happy couple.  Michelle & Charlie used my camera, so I got lucky and have some pictures from that morning!

The bling!

She was obviously quite surprised to see Emily!

Me & Michelle - I just really liked the picture

Apparently I need to practice my cake writing skills...they are a little iffy.

My favorite girls - Emily, Michelle, Natalie, me & Sarah (and little Brody)

On Sunday we got in some wedding dress shopping while Emily was still in town.  She actually found her dress that day!

The girls waiting for Nat to come out.  Emily, Alex & Abby (Amory's sisters), and Carissa (one of Natalie's high school friends).

Wedding dress shops have fun mirrors for taking pictures in...I might have had a little too much fun!

Round 2 of dress shopping we had Harper.  She really liked trying on all the shoes.  (And she's so cute I think I might steal her - watch out Sarah!)

Tons more engagement & party pics found here.  No dress shopping ones though...we can't have any pictures of the dress leaking out there in the world!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Outside the Camp

I spent this last weekend on "beautiful" Lake Bob Sandlin with my fellow student ministries leaders.  It really was a great weekend of getting to spend time with community and friends I know well, but also branching out and meeting some new people and getting to know people I already knew better.  

Friday night we played the inevitable spades game.  Very similar to last year.  But a little more interesting...and even longer (think 3am).  Bryan & I took on Nick & Mike...and needless to say, the outcome was not good (only because of pure luck and nine spades in one hand for Nick).  We will be running the White Rock half dressed in a costume of their choosing.  Good thing I was already planning on running it...which is more than I can say for my partner. Should be fun...or maybe more like interesting.

Saturday was filled with extended time in the Word, tubing and other fun boat activities, semi-spraining my ankle jumping/being pushed off a deck during the boy's crazy water bottle game and some wonderful time as worship, prayer, and sharing as a group. 

I always love this weekend.  Getting out of Dallas.  Making new friends.  Catching up and connecting with old ones.  Overall, such a wonderful time.  Now if I could only catch up on my sleep!

Shades can be used for cheating...until you're caught, of course!

Things were probably still tame at this point.

I know Robyn, there's no explaining what was happening at this table.

Me, Brittnye & Laura. 

KJ & Jen - I kind of like them.

The wonderful people I get to serve with!

**all pictures stolen from the WSM Flickr.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Baby Fun!

This weekend I got to go to a baby shower for my friend Jenny.  We went to Baylor together and worked together at PwC when we graduated.  This group of girls we worked with at PwC is such a fun group and I love that we still keep up and have showers for each other.  

I took the opportunity to bust out the sewing machine and make some gifts for little baby Peterson.  She will be joining us sometime in October. 

Pretty cake.

Jenny and the sweet hostesses Katherine & Molly.

Game time!

A blurry Amy, me, & Kami.

Me & the mama.

There were also a ton of adorable little ones there: