Monday, July 19, 2010

The sister...

I don't know if you all know this, but Rebekah, my youngest sister, is pretty much a rock star.  She's lost a ton of weight this last year...she's changed her life...she's healthy...and it's a permanent change, not just something to lose weight.  She inspires me.  She's started a blog to document the process and share recipes, favorite healthy foods, and such things.  She's also quite witty.  You can visit her here.

And just a teaser...I stole this picture from her blog.  She has a few like shows the ever-impressive progress:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


  • I've been spending more time than I would like here:
  • Thinking about the fact that tomorrow it will have been a year since this. Hard to believe.  And still so weird the times that it hits me.
  • Running a lot.  When I signed up for this half marathon, October in San Francisco didn't sound too bad, but I kind of forgot that meant the majority of my training would be in Dallas summer heat.
  • Trekking to College Station with mom for my great aunt's funeral.  This is me and Leanne with her as kids. Lots of sweet memories at that house.  (Picture of a picture - not so great)
  • Not sleeping very well.  I took melatonin last night and it seemed to do the trick...thank goodness.
  • Watching pretty things bloom in my yard...there is pretty much something new every week.

  • Missing my small group.  Summer is such an odd, disjointed time, and it seems weird that it's been weeks since I've seen most of them.
  • And fitting in a random craft project here and there.  Most recent = Ikea picture frame spray painted pink and turned chalkboard.