Friday, December 08, 2006


Over Thanksgiving LB got a dog. His name is Nick and he is wonderful. She is in Panama right now, so Julia & I are taking care of him. He is pretty playful, he likes to take naps under the bed, and he LOVES to be petted. Here is a picture from when LB took him to the Christmas tree farm with her family. I haven't taken any pictures with my own camera, maybe I will soon and show you how cute he looks in his little coat!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Christmas Parties A Plenty

Last night began my stream of Christmas parties. We had our community group party. We decorated cookies and drank hot chocolate and had a lot of fun. I feel like we're finally getting to where we are really a group. It's really fun to see friendships forming! In the next 2 weeks I have a student ministries party, a work party, a party with old work friends, and a party with my 7th grade girls. Such a busy time of year!

I attempted to start my Christmas shopping on Monday when I had the day off, but needless to say, there were several things including me locking my keys in my car, that kept me from getting much done. Hopefully I can find another not too crowded day to attack the rest of my shopping!