Friday, January 30, 2009

Twelve Centimeters...

...that's the diameter of the cyst hanging out on my ovary right now. My doctor chose to say that it is "bigger than a full term baby's head", but I guess you might expect that from someone who spends a lot of their time delivering babies. I searched my desk this morning for something that was about that size that's a little more relevant to my every day life and here's the best I found:

I realize that this is not completely accurate, considering the coke can is not a circle, but just imagine it is, and that would be a size of the cyst. So, needless to say, I will be having surgery. Not the pretty, easy to recover from, laproscopic surgery. No, this sucker is too big. I will be having the surgery where they make an incision like they would for a c-section. Not only is it bigger than a baby's head, I will now have a scar that makes it look like I've had a baby! Really, i'm just thankful to know what's going on inside of me. The doctor says everything looks pretty good. It doesn't appear like it is cancerous or any other kind of dangerous, so I'm at peace with having a plan to get it out.

On another note, Laura really wanted to name my kidney stone, when that's what the doctor thought this was. And now that we know what it really is, she still thinks it should be named. I still think it's a little strange, but if the right name came along, I just might go for it. Any suggestions?

Monday, January 19, 2009


I have a serious Pride & Prejudice addiction. I love the story I love the characters. But, this is not the one I love:

But the A&E version. The one that's five hours long. The one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. I got it for Christmas and I absolutely love it...and Colin Firth. So, as you can probably guess, I've been studying a lot the last few weeks. When I study at home, I like to put on a movie that I've seen a lot for background noise and to keep me sane. I have to admit, I have "watched" this movie three times in the last two weeks. I know, it's pitiful. If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. It's amazing. If you live in Dallas and want someone to watch it with know I'm always available for Pride & Prejudice watching!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Final countdown...

I've been reading these very interesting posts from this guy who I don't know. I read about him on Julia's blog, who heard about it from Erin, who heard about it from this girl (who I don't know). Don't you love the internet?!? :) Anyhow, there are six parts in the series and I think they are interesting, humurous and take a pretty honest look into the lives of single adults and why we don't date!

Quick health update: I do not have a kidney stone. It turns out it's a complicated ovarian cyst. I don't really know what that means, other than what my doctor told me, which is that it's made up of liquid and solid tissue. BUT, because it's causing me pain, she referred me to another doctor to have an ultrasound and figure out what to do from there.

Three more days until what is hopefully my final test! Woohoo!!!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Sooo...I'm a little late

But better late than never. Ski Trip. It was so much fun. I had 2 girls from my small group and 2 other freshman girls in my room. The girls were great. We had a blast in our room, even if it was smaller than almost all of the other rooms and when I got up in the middle of the night I tripped over 5 pairs of shoes just to get to the bathroom!

Haley, me & Rachel at dinner.

My room on New Year's Eve

The skiing was fantastic. We were at Copper Mountain and had the most fantastic weather. I got to ski with some leaders that I didn't know very well for most of the week, and had so much fun getting to know them! I defintiely found that skiing is a little more challenging for my body these days. I must be getting old!

Kristin & I taking a break!

At night we had club with worship and a talk from Braun, our student ministries director. And some of the funniest skit characters I have seen yet...and I've seen a lot of them in the last few years. I love this part of ski trip. It made me think back to my high school ski trips and how much fun I had on them, but also, how much more our kids are getting from trips like this. They aren't just seen as fun, but as a time where we can really pour truth into our students. I love it!

Lorenzo LaQuinta and the LaQuinta "Bellboys"

The last night there, before we got on the bus to head home, we had a worship night. It was a great time of worship and time for students to repent of sins that had a hold on their lives and ways that they weren't living fully for Christ. At one point a guy who wasn't even from our group who just wandered into the room got up and said just how blown away he was by this group of high school students and the fact that they were being so open and so real with their worship. I think it was a great reminder how blessed we are to be a part of this ministry and just how incredible these students really are!

Interesting Week

It has been kind a crazy week. Long story short I have a kidney stone. A little more than a week before my test. My last test. That I really want to pass so that I can be done! Given some of the crazy pain it's been causing me (we're talking pain killers required), I'm praying it passes sooner rather than later!!

Honestly I'm just glad it's happening now, and not when I was on the ski trip last week (which I will post about very soon)!

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I had a week and a half off work this year between our great holiday schedule and a couple of days of vacation taken. It was so nice to be off work for that long. I spent the first part of my time off in Amarillo with my family. It was wonderful to be at home and see Rebekah for the first time since Labor Day weekend. We hung out at the house, went to a Christmas Eve service at my parents church, opened present, spent time with MaMa, had a wonderful Christmas dinner, had fun with the Sauer's and the O'Neal's, helped mom paint her office, and just enjoyed being home. Here's some pictures from the week.
Rebekah crocheted us all hats for Christmas...she's talented!
Parents...aren't they cute?
The mom's trying their hand at Rock Band...quite hilarious!!! I believe there's a video...and if I get my hands on it, it will definitely make an appearance on the blog!

The sisters with Lindsay...much fun was had with the O'Neal's and the "brewery" tour!

I'll update on the rest of my Christmas break...the High School ski trip...soon!