Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Such an Honor...

I got a package in the mail this weekend asking me a very special question in a  most creative way.  My sweet sister asked me and Rebekah to be her Maids of Honor.  I am super excited to stand beside my sister on this special day.  It's going to be wonderful! I couldn't help but put a few pictures of the cute box up here.

 Picture of Camp Lucy and a "G" for Gary!

 If you can't read the writing on the picture, it says "Trading in 16 dresses for something in white, please stand by me on my special night?"  Yes, she's been a bridesmaid 16 times.

 A Ring Pop

Journal with a sweet thankful for family!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mountain Fun Time

A couple of weeks ago, me and five girls from my community group took off to Red River to my family's condo for a long weekend out of the heat and full of mountain fun.  We went white water rafting, hiking, enjoyed fires every morning (because it was below 40 degrees outside!!!!), spent time with the Lord in His creation, and relaxed in the hot tub.  It really was a great weekend.  I always love time with these girls, and I loved escaping the Dallas heat for the weekend!

 Our home for the weekend!

 Quiet times in the park.

 We're ready to raft...I have no idea what I'm doing in this picture.

 Hiking fun!

Yes, we crossed this stream with our shoes was COLD!!! 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Not One, But Two

My sweet friend Amy, who I worked with at PwC and Brinker, is having twins!  I got to take a trek over to Fort Worth with Erin & Kami for a baby shower for the precious little babies.  Her sister and friends threw a great Two Peas in a Pod themed shower. It was adorable and every detail was taken care of.  I can't wait for these babies to get here!!!!

 PwC girls...I love all the showers that are excuses to see them!

 With the Momma to be...isn't she cute!?!

 Perhaps the cutest party favors ever.

 Precious Taylor...I can't get enough of her!

 Boy & Girl!!!

 I love cake...especially when it's cute and tiny!!!

My gift for baby girl boy had one the same color with a tie on it. Somehow I didn't get pictures.

Pictures by Erin & Brandon.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 (or 20) before 30

So, I've seen this idea on other people's blogs, and I love the idea.  I started a list of things I want to do before I turn 30 next year.  A lot of the lists I've seen are 30 before 30, but I couldn't come up with quite that might many.  And some of these are kind of cheating because I know that I'm going to do them already. :)

1.  Stick with eating healthy and get to my goal weight.
2.  Run at least one half marathon.
3.  Take a class and learn to use my camera on manual mode.
4.  Go camping (it's been so long!)
5.  Go wine tasting...preferably in the wine country.
6.  Paint pottery
7.  Throw more dinner parties.
8.  Get Mama's piano tuned and start playing again.
9.  Make my own peanut butter.
10.  Make fruit rollups from scratch.
11.  Finish sewing a piece of clothing for myself.
12.  Go on all my student ministries events, including ski trip, because it's the girls senior year.
13.  Stand by my sister as maid of honor while she gets married (blog post to come).
14.  Make an awning for the back patio.
15.  Paint the one hallway in the's the only thing that's still white.
16.  Find an antique phone in a fun color for the phone nook in the said hallway.  I see to only be able to find them in black.
17.  Get settled in my new job (yeah, I haven't blogged about that) and build into relationships at work.
18.  Go the beach and not get sunburned (next week!!!).
19.  Make a fancy looking cake that actually looks good. (Maybe this one).
20.  Get my sewing room/office organized.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Erin's Getting Married!!!

A long time ago...I mean almost 2 months ago...some friends threw an engagement party for Erin & Craig. We were also celebrating them moving back to Texas.  I always love these get togethers with my old work friends.  I love these people and it's crazy that it's been five years since I've worked with them.  Whenever we get together, it's just like old times.

I'm excited for Erin & Craig's wedding in November...until then we'll just enjoy all the fun parties!

 There were lots of precious babies...this is sweet Taylor.

 Me & the guest of honor...just love her.

 Bride to me and momma to be.

 Jenny & Miss always she was a great hostess!

Molly & Mr. Rhett...she was the other mastermind behind the party. 

Congratulations friends!!!  
All pictures taken by Erin.