Sunday, June 26, 2011

30 (or 20) before 30

So, I've seen this idea on other people's blogs, and I love the idea.  I started a list of things I want to do before I turn 30 next year.  A lot of the lists I've seen are 30 before 30, but I couldn't come up with quite that might many.  And some of these are kind of cheating because I know that I'm going to do them already. :)

1.  Stick with eating healthy and get to my goal weight.
2.  Run at least one half marathon.
3.  Take a class and learn to use my camera on manual mode.
4.  Go camping (it's been so long!)
5.  Go wine tasting...preferably in the wine country.
6.  Paint pottery
7.  Throw more dinner parties.
8.  Get Mama's piano tuned and start playing again.
9.  Make my own peanut butter.
10.  Make fruit rollups from scratch.
11.  Finish sewing a piece of clothing for myself.
12.  Go on all my student ministries events, including ski trip, because it's the girls senior year.
13.  Stand by my sister as maid of honor while she gets married (blog post to come).
14.  Make an awning for the back patio.
15.  Paint the one hallway in the's the only thing that's still white.
16.  Find an antique phone in a fun color for the phone nook in the said hallway.  I see to only be able to find them in black.
17.  Get settled in my new job (yeah, I haven't blogged about that) and build into relationships at work.
18.  Go the beach and not get sunburned (next week!!!).
19.  Make a fancy looking cake that actually looks good. (Maybe this one).
20.  Get my sewing room/office organized.


Anonymous said...

Um, can I be a part of some of these?! They sound fabulous! Roch+welch camping sometime soon?

Team Sherman said...

Can I take the photography class with you? I want to learn to use the non auto setting also!