Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back to Normal

So....I have been a complete blog slacker. Since my surgery I have watched a TON of TV on DVD, some movies, read some books, and even had a little fun. I started back to work this last week part time. It was so nice to be back in a schedule, but definitely took it out of me more than a half day of work ever could before.

My first outing was SarahBeth & Jeremy's wedding. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to go, but thankfully Clint & Lisa agreed to be my date and drive me to the wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and such a fun time of celebration.

Me & Maddie at the reception.

Alli, me, Lisa & Jill

Me & Mel - I love her!

Me & Shawn

That same weekend Deborah came into town for a half marathon. I got to go to dinner with her & all of her running buddies. Dad passed through Sunday morning and we had breakfast at Cafe Brazil. It was quite an eventful weekend after two straight weeks of sitting on my tail end.

Me and Deb after dinner at Patrizio's.

Life is finally feeling back to normal and I'm excited to be fully released in a couple of weeks. I find myself craving running and activity in general. I am planning on training for a half marathon in the fall and am ready for the training to start!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Life at Home

After two and a half days in the hospital, I got to come home yesterday morning. My mom helped get me settled in. She cooked me some meals, did my laundry, and just helped me getting settled in. She went home last night, so today is my first day home alone. It's going fairly well. The getting around is a little interesting, but it is good. I'm so glad to be at home instead of in the hospital.

Turns out, the doctor didn't take any pictures whenever they took Wanda out, which is such a bummer. SO, we don't get to see it.

I'm banned from driving for a couple of weeks, so if you find yourself with free time, come visit me, I'm here, at my house for the long haul!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Wanda is no more...

I'm out of surgery and Wanda is officially no longer with us. Apparently she had grown and was measuring about 14 cm according to my mom...who has actually spoken to the doctor. He also said something about this being one of the biggest ones they had seen. Gotta love that.

I am now sitting in my hospital room...typing this on my please excuse any typos. Julie came by for a little while earlier because she was in the neighborhood for a doctor's appointment. I'm feeling pretty good. Just some general pain. Just wanted everyone to know I made it out safely. I'll post again once I've made it home.

OH - and P.S. I've heard from the nurse that they take pictures and you better believe I'm going to ask to see Wanda whenever the doctor comes by!!