Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday at Top Golf

We celebrated my birthday on Easter Sunday evening at Top Golf.  I love that place (it's like the combination of a driving range and a bowling alley).  Lots of my sweet friends showed up and it was a blast.  Apparently I am really bad at taking my camera places lately.  So, again, I have no pictures.  Luckily Erin came to the rescue and took a few pictures, but I'm sad I don't have any of all my friends who were there.

 Erin brought me birthday balloons!

And Jen made me pretty cupcakes!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Leanne emailed this to me today.  It's from DTown back in February.  I had no girls sign up, so I was just there helping out.

Let's make a few observations here:
  • I make ridiculous faces...they aren't cute funny, they are ridiculous.
  • Are we really related?! She's like 18 shades darker than me. Hmmm...I wonder if there were some artificial measures involved? 
  • This makes me really glad that we serve together.  It's crazy that our childhood friendship has now transferred into adulthood. I love her!

Easter Weekend

My family spent Easter weekend in Dallas.  It was a crazy full weekend in which I took no pictures, so we're going to go bullet point style.

  • The parents came over to my house and helped with a few projects.
  • Did some shopping at Northpark.
  • Dinner at R+D Kitchen to celebrate my birthday.
  • Wedding dress shopping with Deborah.
  • Lunch at Eno's so that Stephen could meet the family.  The whole family.

We took a family vote about whether Stephen could stick around. Yes, my grandfather said no...but he eventually changed his mind:

At least he's a good sport:

  • Easter church service at The Village.
  • Dinner at Medina Oven to celebrate Rebekah's birthday/graduation.
  • A nice after-dinner party on the porch of the hotel watching a thunderstorm.
  • Brunch with the out of town family before they headed back.
It was a great weekend.  I love having my family here.  

Rebekah's Birthday

Over a month ago I spent the day celebrating my little sister's birthday.  This is what she wanted to do:

Yes, we ran a half marathon for her birthday. The Big D Half.  It was great...for the first half anyway.  I ran with Rebekah and her friend Bre. Then around mile 6 I started feeling sick.  It was about 85 degrees at that point - way hotter than I like to run in.  I did actually finish - even if I did have to walk a ton the second half.  After the race, we went to Breadwinners with Rebekah's friends.  Overall it was a great day.  Happy 25th Rebekah!

 Bre, Rebekah and me at the finish.


The girls in front of Breadwinners

 Me, Rebekah & Rachel

Me & Brooke - Her & Rebekah have been friends since middle school.  We love her!