Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rebekah's Birthday

Over a month ago I spent the day celebrating my little sister's birthday.  This is what she wanted to do:

Yes, we ran a half marathon for her birthday. The Big D Half.  It was great...for the first half anyway.  I ran with Rebekah and her friend Bre. Then around mile 6 I started feeling sick.  It was about 85 degrees at that point - way hotter than I like to run in.  I did actually finish - even if I did have to walk a ton the second half.  After the race, we went to Breadwinners with Rebekah's friends.  Overall it was a great day.  Happy 25th Rebekah!

 Bre, Rebekah and me at the finish.


The girls in front of Breadwinners

 Me, Rebekah & Rachel

Me & Brooke - Her & Rebekah have been friends since middle school.  We love her!

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