Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Leanne emailed this to me today.  It's from DTown back in February.  I had no girls sign up, so I was just there helping out.

Let's make a few observations here:
  • I make ridiculous faces...they aren't cute funny, they are ridiculous.
  • Are we really related?! She's like 18 shades darker than me. Hmmm...I wonder if there were some artificial measures involved? 
  • This makes me really glad that we serve together.  It's crazy that our childhood friendship has now transferred into adulthood. I love her!


Kristie said...

Where was there a photo booth at DTown? How did I miss this action?!

Love the pics, by the way. Your face makes my face smile. :)

leanne said...

Umm and I love you!!!
so glad our days of games of "spit" and hiding our siblings in dryers have evolved to such a great friendship!!!!