Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter Weekend

My family spent Easter weekend in Dallas.  It was a crazy full weekend in which I took no pictures, so we're going to go bullet point style.

  • The parents came over to my house and helped with a few projects.
  • Did some shopping at Northpark.
  • Dinner at R+D Kitchen to celebrate my birthday.
  • Wedding dress shopping with Deborah.
  • Lunch at Eno's so that Stephen could meet the family.  The whole family.

We took a family vote about whether Stephen could stick around. Yes, my grandfather said no...but he eventually changed his mind:

At least he's a good sport:

  • Easter church service at The Village.
  • Dinner at Medina Oven to celebrate Rebekah's birthday/graduation.
  • A nice after-dinner party on the porch of the hotel watching a thunderstorm.
  • Brunch with the out of town family before they headed back.
It was a great weekend.  I love having my family here.  

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