Tuesday, May 30, 2006

New place

Here's a few pictures of the new place now that Julia & I have done some decorating. I really do like it a whole lot, especially now that it's feeling all put together and not in shambles. My car got broken into the last night in the old place, and I am still without a car, unfortunately. I had Rebekah's car last week, but now I am carless :( How sad... Well, I will leave you with a few pictures of the new place. More to come when we are all completely settled!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh the moving!

If I decide that I want to move again, someone please tell me I'm crazy. I mean, the outcome is great, but the process is ridiculous! All my boxes are now unpacked, but there are odds & ends all around the apartment that I can't quite seem to put away. I'm sure my poor roommate is ready to throw me out on the street already! The goal is to get everything tucked away before I go home for the weekend. I'm not sure what I was thinking booking a trip home right after my move. Who knows, maybe I'll get to spend lots of my weekend helping Deborah pack for her big move next week to Oklahoma City to start her first job! I mean, I should be pretty good at packing, since I've been doing so much of it lately.

So, my new apartment has a pool view and there always seem to be a million people down there. And it's very different from my old apartment complex, because they aren't just laying out, they are actually playing in the pool. For example this weekend, there were tons of people playing volleyball in the pool. And there are even a few kids, which makes it even more fun! I think I'm going to like this new apartment complex. The people seem to be a lot more friendly - maybe that's because I've escaped downtown Dallas and SMU world. Here's a picture of our pool - I really wish you could see all the people!

Monday, May 15, 2006


I took my test on Saturday and what relief I feel! I won't know my scores for at least a month, but I don't even care at this point, I just care that it's over. Hopefully at this point, I just have one part left, which I will take in July. Oh glory hallelujah!

After my test on Saturday, LB & I went to see Akeelah & the Bee, which, as nerdy as it sounds, I highly recommend. It was SUCH a cute movie. Maybe it's just because I was so tired or maybe it really was that cute, but I really liked it, and I think you should all go see it!
My apartment is now a disaster in the packing frenzy. I really wish I had a picture to show you of the complete mess that it is. There are boxes everywhere, about 10 trash bags full of clothes and shoes and things that need to go to Salvation Army, and just nastiness everywhere. I can't wait to get everything out and into the new apartment! I will take pictures then!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006


This is the week before my test and it's amazing the things I have found to fill my time at night. Here are some of my favorties:

Rangers game: I have been dying to go to a game since the season started. I mean, I know I'm not a huge baseball fan or anything, but I just love getting to be outside and eat a hotdog. Especially the games in the spring, cause you get the nice weather. So we happened upon free tickets & a parking pass this week. You just can't pass that up!

New apartment: After small group with my girls last night I decided I just had to go see the new couch that had been delivered to our apartment, like it wasn't going to be there after I took my test. So of course I thought maybe I could study over there since my roommate is out of town, but little studying took place.

The good news is I'll get to see my sister for a short while tonight. She's in town for a concert and staying at my apartment - yet another source of procrastination!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The College Life and Pokey-O's

Today a couple of us associates took our interns to lunch in honor of their last week at work. We were talking about the life that they are going to go back to when they go back to school, and honestly, it makes me quite jealous. I mean, I realize that they are going to have to study, but what is college studying, I mean really? There never was a better time than living with your best friends and just hanging out with all your favorite people all the time. So, for those of you still in college...like my dear little sister...enjoy it. It is a wonderful time of life. Not to say life without homework isn't great, because it is, there's just nothing quite like college.

And a side note for all you Dallas people. Earlier this week, my dear friend Jessica introduced me to the joy that is Pokey O's. If you are a fan of cookies, or ice cream, I think you will like it. You go in and pick out of about 15 homeade cookies and then you pick your favorite Blue Bell icecream, and they make you an icecream sandwich. It's really fun, and I think you should all go! We took the interns after lunch today because Amy and I were still hungry because we split a burger :)

I'm feeling pretty tired and really ready to be done with studying. Only a little over a week more! So exciting!!!! :) Last night at Barnes & Noble I ran into some fun friends I haven't seen in a really long time, so I guess studying isn't all bad after all!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

More Pictures...

Definitely check out LB's Blog for more pictures. It's looking amazing!!!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

the stars at night...

This weekend I got the joy of escaping the city. Not that there is anything wrong with Dallas, but sometimes you just need a little of the country. I get a little stir crazy if you leave me in the city for too long. I went down to camp with LB to help her paint the infirmary and it was a lot of fun. I realized how much I miss being outside - I really like the outdoors. The thing I was the most excited about, of course, was the stars. Growing up in Fritch, you can see the stars everywhere, but all you can see in Dallas are the airplanes flying by. I really miss the stars a lot. The first night we were there it was too cloudy to see the stars - I was a little disappointed. Saturday though, we went traipsing through the woods and I got to see the most amazing stars I've seen in a long time. I miss that. Everyone should get to see the stars more often!

I have a lot of studying to look forward to this week and some fun times with friends in between. I'm counting down the days till my test, then moving. I went over to see Julia when she was packing yesterday, and I got pretty jealous! She gets to move before me, and it made me want to go home and start packing my boxes!

I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of our handiwork from this weekend. Keep in mind this is the very unfinished product. I left LB to work for the rest of the week. I'm sure you'll be able to check her blog and see what the finished product looks like soon, but I was quite proud of what we did in a weekend.

Our badger - I'm sure he has a fishing pole in his hand by now :)
He's my favorite part!

LB in front of the mountain and bear cave.