Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On a More Lighthearted Note...

So...my posts have been a bit heavy lately...and life is not all bad...or tough.

This weekend I headed out of Dallas with all my fellow student ministries leaders for our yearly retreat. It was SO wonderful to take a study break, be out of the big city, and just enjoy time with friends. It was a wonderful time of worship, alone time with God, games of Catch Phrase so intense that they cause you to lose your voice, some very intense tubing on the lake, lots of laughter, good conversations with friends, and a three and a half hour Spades game where Amber & I came out victorious over Nick & Mike. It was a restful weekend and I came away feeling so revived and so thankful to be a part of this wonderful team of people with hearts to serve.

The ever-intense game of Catch Phrase. Some might have walked away a little scared of me...I kept getting words that involved death and killing people...I'm not sure what that means. (Around the circle L front to R front: Kyla, Sarah F, SarahBeth, Debra, Lindsey, Ann, me, & Shawn)

This would be the Spades game. The longest Spades game I have ever played. We attracted an audience. It was great fun! (L to R: Laura, me, Spencer, Nick, Julie, Amber - Mike was taking the picture)

Our wonderful team of leaders who encourage me, challenge me, and just plain entertain me!


Sarah said...

Yippeeee! I'm so glad it was a restful time for you. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend as well. I was telling Katie last night one of my favorite times was Saturday night worship; so great to worship with the like-minded/hearted people on our team!

On another note, at least you didn't get HIGHLY inappropriate with your Catch Phrase-ness. I have no filter. I should not be allowed to play that game with boys. :)

Amy H said...

Haha...when did we take the group picture? I was completely unaware that it took place, and on our drive home I thought "weird, we never took a group picture". :)