Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My small group girls are starting their Sophomore year of high school. Sunday night we kicked off the year with a broomball bash. It was hilarious to watch everyone out on the ice. And crazy that these wonderful girls are sophomores and that I only have three more years with them. I am so excited about what another year with these girls holds!

I was looking through my pictures this week and thought it would be fun to look at pictures of our years together, so here's a brief photo history of my crazy small group!

Progressive Riot - Maddie, me & Amanda

Connection in New Orlean - Amanda, me & Maddie

Pine Cove Retreat - Tori, Maddie, me, Amanda & Maddie

Progressive Riot - Maddie, Amanda, & me

Bowling for Compassion - me, Amanda, Tori, & Maddie

Pine Cove Retreat - Amanda, Maddie, Rachel, Maddie, Tori & me

Progressive Riot - our last one!

End of the year party - Maddie, Taylor, Amanda, Dunni, Rachel & Tori

Hideaway Retreat - Wow we've grown in size! (Maddie, Amanda, Taylor, Maddie, me, Jeanine, Meagan, Rachel & Tori)
Christmas Party - love these girls!

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