Monday, October 06, 2008


Last weekend I was at Pine Cove with our high school students. It was so much fun to get away from the city and enjoy some concentrated time with my girls. Since my small group has doubled in size in the last couple of years, we actually had a cabin to ourselves this year and didn't have to share with another small group. The feel was a little different than our junior high retreats. It was more laid back, and I think a little more focused on spending time with the kids. There was great worship and great teaching.

One of the most fun parts of the weekend was getting to play Flamingo Football. This game is guys versus girls full tackle football - but the guys have their ankles tied together. It is quite amazing! Kyla & I were on the same team, and I felt like I was reliving my flag football intramural days from college. Our girls were a little slow on picking up on the in's and out's of football, but by the end of our second game they had almost gotten it down. Sadly, our team lost both of our games, but we had a blast! Kyla & I realized that our distance running training does nothing for the muscles you use to sprint, throw, and tackle. We were both SO sore! It made me feel old.

Before the spoons tournament Friday night.

Waiting their turn at the zipline.

Flamingo Football!

Kyla & Lisa before Flamingo Football.

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