Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

I had a wonderfully full labor day weekend. Full of family, and friends, and crafting, and loads of fun! My parents & Deborah came down for the first part of the weekend to help Rebekah move the remainder of her stuff to Dallas and get all settled in her new place...in Dallas!! It's very exciting to me that she lives here now. Even though I know it will take work for me to see her, I think we'll make it happen! As always, it was wonderful to have my family here. After my family left on Sunday, I made a tutu for Miss Harper Joy Sherman's first birthday party that was on Monday and went to dinner with some wonderfully fun girls. Monday, I went to Original Pancake House and enjoyed some delightful pecan pancakes for Stephanie's birthday, helped Kristie finish up her crafty project of journals for her small group girls, and then headed out to celebrate Harper's birthday in McKinney at the Sherman's new house. I rounded out Labor Day catching up with Shawn on her back porch and then enjoying some Picasso's with my roommates. It was a jam packed weekend, but it was so wonderful. The only pictures I have of the whole weekend are from Harper's party, where I pretended to be a professional and take pictures non-stop. If you want to see them all, you can go here.

Michelle, Sarah, me - are we really so old that one of us has a 1 year old?!

Gotta love the first birthday cake!!

Me & Michelle

And the tutu with matching wand - Harper's craft project present from me. I think Jeff would have preferred a baseball bat, but oh well!

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Erin said...

What a fantastic weekend! And I absolutely love the tutu ensemble - it doesn't get any cuter than that. Nicely done, Miss Welch!