Friday, September 25, 2009

Counting Down

I'll be here a week from tomorrow.

Deborah won a free week at the Hilton, I had enough airline miles to get myself there, so viola. Free vacation. I was hoping it would be a celebration of being done with the CPA exam forever, but no such luck. I missed it by one point this time. So...I'll be hitting the books again when I get back from Cabo. As frustrated as I have felt today, I've also felt some odd kind of peace. Peace that God is in control. And peace that someday, He only knows when, this test will be a part of my past. I'm excited to spend some time on the beach and at the pool totally relaxing before I hit study mode again. I'm also excited to just enjoy being off work without an agenda...I don't remember the last time that happened. I feel as if some rest and relaxation is exactly what I need after the craziness that has been this year. Cabo here I come!

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Erin said...

What a beautiful way to spend a week!! And phooey on that test - one last time and you'll get it knocked out. Countdown to Cabo!