Sunday, September 20, 2009

GAFIA - A PIcture Story

Last weekend was annual college girl's weekend. We ventured to Waco in honor of our 5 year reunion and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The weekend was every bit as refreshing as I anticipated it would be...time with these girls always is. I've talked before on here about how thankful I am for the community that God has placed in my life right now at Watermark, but these girls were the first glimpse for me of what community really looks like. These girls taught me what it was to be real and open about who I really am. And no matter how much time we actually get to spend together during the year, I know there's always one weekend a year where I get to live as a part of this wonderful community again. I could go on and on, but really, I think you get the point. I love these girls, I love our time together, and here's what we did together last weekend.

The weekend started Thursday night at Natalie's with a very excited reunion of all the girls! There was late night catching up, a little bit of sleep, and a great breakfast before we hit the road.

One of our first stops in Waco was to get our Baylor rings cleaned at the jewelry store where we bought them. Natalie found some additional things she thought she might like.

And then, of course, our first stop on campus was Common Grounds for some Cowboy Coffee!

Then a walk down the halls in our freshman dorm. Breaking the rules (security is REAL tight now), meeting some girls who lived in some of our rooms, and documenting the whole experience.

Took a nice long walk around some strangers to take our picture...and waited out a thunderstorm in a covered walkway with the company of a Lariat crossword puzzle.

Me, Sarah, Emily, Natalie, Michelle & Elisa

Dinner at Ninfa's and a late night dance party on top of the business school parking garage.

Saturday involved running, shopping, eating (Schmaltz's, one of our faves), and then a night in catching up on the journal that we each answer the same ten questions in every year. That is actually my favorite part. It's fun to see how things like where we work, what God is doing in our lives, and what the best/hardest parts of the last year were change every year.

If this wasn't enough pictures for you, you can see them all here.


lb said...

I love the common grounds picture! And I'm pretty sure 635 was Lauren & Lindsay's room... how random!

michelle said...

I Love that first picture and what our purpose was in that pose...