Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I heart community

Community is a word we throw around a lot at Watermark. I've been hearing about the wonder of it since I started going to church there over four years ago, but only in about the last year has it become something that I really understand. I am a part of an awesome group of girls composed of Sarah, Jen, Karla, Katie, Caroline (up until she got married this month), myself, and led by sweet Caryn. These girls have really become community to me. A group of girls who truly know me. They know my struggles, they know my hurts, they know my victories. They help me make decisions. They are wise counsel in my life. They tell me when I'm headed the wrong direction with my thinking. I am so thankful for them and everything that they are in my life. I love you girls - You have made me believers in this thing we call community!

Me & Sarah at Caroline's wedding.

Caryn, Jen, & Karla at Caroline's wedding.

Katie, Jen, Karla & me at D T0wn.

Jen, Sarah, Karla & me waiting in line for ICE!


Caryn said...

Community hearts you right back!!! Stacey III was sitting next to me when I looked at this post and he said, "LOOK MOMMY, it's all your friends!!" :) I love that they know and recognize you guys as my friends.

Sarah said...

Sweet friend! I 100% agree with your post! God has truly blessed our group and continues to show us what real community is. Love you!

And Caryn, that is just precious! :)

Karla said...

Awwww.... and we love you too! So glad to have you in my life and my group!

On another note, wow! I AM short!