Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Travel Adventures - D.C. Edition

**I am VERY bitter right now. I just typed up an entire blog about my trip to D.C. and Blogger promptly deleted it all. SO, if you'd like to see any details of the trip, you can see Erin's blog, with her wonderfully detailed post about our time together!

The highlights of the trip included the Hirshhorn Museum which houses contemporary and modern art including an exhibit called Strange Bodies. The National Gallery of Art. A couple of lazy mornings at Erin's apartment. Some wonderful pizza. When Harry Met Sally. Chips & queso. Artomatic - a wonderful local art show full of crazy exhibits, including on made completely of Peeps. Lot's of quality time with Erin. Some time in Georgetown (I would move there tomorrow if I could - it's so cute). And riding the Metro - I heart public transportation that actually works!

Artomatic - Clue: Peeps style.

Artomatic: Art is Math. Math is Art.

Georgetown - love it!

Hirshhorn: Art made completely of butterfly wings.

"I think this map should have a You Are Here arrow!"

I love you friend and had a great time! Can't wait until you're here in a couple of weeks!

*If you'd like to see more pictures, you can find them here:

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Erin said...

I'm so angry at Blogger for eating your awesome DC post!! Stupid blog monsters...and stupid me with my "where's the 'you're here' on the map" business..I'm so ashamed.

Sarah, I'm so glad you came to visit! I had such a blast catching up with you. See you soooon!