Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Challenge to Sacrifice

Let me tell you a story. I promise it will be short. I have a friend named Kristin. Kristin went to Africa this summer. Among some other things, she spent a few days with a girl named Katie. Whenever Kristin was telling us about her time in Africa, she sent us the link to Katie's blog. I started reading and couldn't stop. I was so compelled by what this 20 year old girl was doing that I went back to the beginning of her blog and read it all. I couldn't get out of my head this girl - barely out of high school - who had moved to Africa. Left everything - family, boyfriend, college, comfort. Went where God called her. And is doing amazing things. She is essentially a mom to 13 little girls. She started a sponsorship program. She takes in sick children and cares for them when no one else will. I am challenged by her. I couldn't get her story out of my head...for a while. Then I let it slip. I did nothing with the challenge I felt God had issued.

Then I sit down to read another blog I read frequently. And there I find that Jenny is talking about Katie. And is raising money so that Katie can buy the land for a medical clinic. Jenny is selling things on eBay so that she can send money to Katie. Certainly I can give up something. Eating out. Shopping. Sonic diet cokes. So, challenge reissued, and this time I think I'll actually do something about it. I have never sacrificed the way Katie has, but there some very small things I can sacrifice to help her out. It's a start. I challenge you to read Jenny's blog about Katie...I read it with tears in my eyes.


emmysue said...

my roommates and i have been reading this blog for months now. it has changed us. it is changing us. He is changing us. good stuff.

Sarah said...

Oh my. I began reading some of her blog entries and am anxious to read more. What a powerful story God is weaving into her life.

Excited to see how God uses her story to impact you! Challenged by your challenge.