Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Baby Fun!

This weekend I got to go to a baby shower for my friend Jenny.  We went to Baylor together and worked together at PwC when we graduated.  This group of girls we worked with at PwC is such a fun group and I love that we still keep up and have showers for each other.  

I took the opportunity to bust out the sewing machine and make some gifts for little baby Peterson.  She will be joining us sometime in October. 

Pretty cake.

Jenny and the sweet hostesses Katherine & Molly.

Game time!

A blurry Amy, me, & Kami.

Me & the mama.

There were also a ton of adorable little ones there:





Erin said...

I LOVE what you made for little Baby P!! Sarah, so perfect and cute - love love love it. And thanks for sharing the pictures - so sorry I missed this, but now I can kinda almost feel like I was there for a minute. Beautiful pictures, too. Love the cake shot. =) Sad to miss you this weekend!

Team Sherman said...

I'm so impressed with the little things that you made! I LOVE the little shoes.

Caryn said...

So So So cute!!!! Oh the talent.