Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Day Before...

The day before Natalie and Amory's wedding was wonderful fun!  We went to the bridesmaids luncheon.  We decorated the church.  And then headed for the rehearsal and dinner.  It was a busy, but great day getting ready for the big day!

 Natalie and her new sisters at the luncheon.  (Abby and Alex)

 Marci, me & Michelle

 Brody made an appearance!

 All the girls!
Me, Michelle, Sarah, Emily, Marci, Natalie, Abby & Alex.

 The Baylor girls...goofy as usual.

 Decorating Time!



 The wonderful mariachi band...they were excellent! Making Guacamole!!!!

 The bride & groom!

 Baylor girls...again!

 A little post-dinner trip to Walmart for a scavenger hunt of sorts!

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Natrudy said...

I love this post!! I love you girls!! Can we do it all again please?!