Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Typical Wednesday Night

Tonight was a pretty typical Wednesday night. As I'm sure you know, I spend my Wednesday nights with a wonderful group of sophomore girls. Tonight, I picked one of them up from school after work, and we grabbed some dinner. Then we grabbed another one of the girls and headed down to small group. I usually spend the first 15-20 minutes just listening to the girls catch up. They all go to different schools, and they don't see each other much. It's usually pretty funny and entertaining to listen to some of these conversations. Then we do the highs and the lows of our week, have a lesson, prayer requests and are on our way. Sometimes I pull out something a little creative. The girls tend to really like that. They (one in particular) have been begging for a craft all semester. So tonight, I (kind of) appeased her. Just a little rock reminder of the lesson we had tonight. They turned out pretty cute.

And apparently crafting took it right out of them...


Erin said...

I love the rock reminder! My desk could use a couple of those.

Kristie said...

Umm, I remember we did that at the Getaway last year. Not being a crafty-type person myself, crafting greatly stresses me out. I'm sure it was supposed to have the opposite effect at the Getaway, but it didn't. I'm still scarred from the experience. Just saying.

But they did turn out cute- your girls must be craftier than me. :)