Saturday, November 14, 2009

We Heart Yogurt

I love all the yogurt places that are popping up everywhere. I love the self serve and all the fun toppings. Apparently the famous Pinkberry opened in Dallas this weekend...hopefully I'll get to go try it out soon! I took one of my small group girls to her first self-serve trendy yogurt place Wednesday before small group. Apparently, they have some strange rule about camera's and people taking pictures inside. Not sure what that's about. So, Taylor was really excited, so we took a couple of pictures of the experience, before we got in trouble, of course!


Erin said...

Nice work on the contraband pictures! Mmmmm, frozen yogurt.

Sarah said...

Yep, PinkBerry opened on Friday. We were hoping to take a trip to "competitive dine" since I work on Red Mango (another famous fro-yo place that is opening in Dallas soon). Sadly the day was too crazy so we couldn't make it. :( Right now I'm partial to Orange Cup...I love the tartness!