Wednesday, November 04, 2009


So, I'm home sick this afternoon. A little giving blood gone wrong. I couldn't decide what I might post about, and then glanced back and saw all my yearbooks sitting on my bookshelf. I've been thinking a lot about high school lately. Probably the combination of my small group girls being sophomores and the fact that ten years ago I was a senior. That's just crazy. Makes me feel old. Ten years ago I was finishing up volleyball season, about to start basketball season taking stats for the varsity girl's team, and then would start golf season in spring. I was president of the student council, one of three people taking calculus that year, and had a very serious case of senioritis. When I think about high school it's just crazy. I had no idea what kind of world was waiting for me outside of Fritch, Texas. (Semi-interesting wikipedia article on Fritch found here if you were ever interested in where I grew up). And here's where the post transitions into what I might call self-humiliation. The pictures are terrible...I took pictures with my iphone of my yearbook pages, but these are all from my senior year and I thought they were fairly entertaining!

Golf Team - One of my best friends Lesley is in the big picture, I'm in the smaller on the right.

Oh the very stereotypical senior yearbook picture.

And graduation. In my humble opinion it's much better to just see the picture and not hear the terrible accent you hear if you've ever seen the video of this moment.


Sarah said...

Um, I'm gonna need an audio clip to go along with this post. Or we could just have a "Sarah graduation speech watching party" instead. I'm game for that!

Anonymous said...

What?! The accent makes the video!

Erin said...

Let that Fritch twang charm the world!! Oh, fellow Class of 2000-er, I'm feeling a little old these days, too. You may have inspired me to drag out the yearbooks...I'm scared.

Erin said...

And I hope you're feeling better!!

Jen Lewis said...

I agree with Sarah. You should post the video on your blog!!! I mean you have to think of things to write about for 30 days... If you get stuck... I vote video!!!

Jen Haney said...

Sarah! I love your blog! I love the verse from Habakkuk 3....I printed it out and put it on my desk! Your year book pictures crack me up- my senior picture is very similar. Hope to see you soon!