Friday, November 20, 2009


Rosa's...will you please move to Dallas?  I know Fort Worth is close, but not close enough.  And I love you so.  If you've never been to Rosa's, if you're ever anywhere near one, you should go.  It's like Taco Cabana, but so much better.  Maybe I'll have to have some over Thanksgiving!


Erin said...

YESSSS!!! You know how Rosa's speaks to my heart - I think we might need a reunion over Thanksgiving at our own mecca.

Any chance they'll show up in D.C.? Of course not. =(

The Neaves' said...

we have a couple out here by us and they are good! we've probably only been twice, but I need to remember how much I like them when we are looking for a good/cheap place to eat! thanks for the reminder!!

Caryn said...

Preach Sister, Preach!!

They have one in Waco now and I insist on going every time I am home.


I'm lifting you up right now!

Kristie said...

Ahhh, love me some Rosa's. Ate there quite a bit when I lived in Fort Worth. Because there are like seven of them over there.

Sarah said...

That is quite possibly the largest logo ever. I'm just saying. :)