Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just so like me.

This semester with my high school small group girls we are studying 1 Peter. I have absolutely loved digging into this book. Teaching and coming up with small group lessons every week would be what I consider the most challenging part of leading these girls. It's not my area of gifting.

So, last week, as I'm preparing for small group, it hits me. Kyle (my college pastor) went through 1 Peter verse by verse for a whole semester while I was in college. I have a journal full of in depth notes just on this book. Are you kidding me?! Really? I could have had a little help along the way with this whole teaching thing?

Some might say (or have said) that it's probably been good for me to have not realized I had it and had to struggle through on my own. And I know it's true. Out of the comfort zone is always a good place to be, but I will say that I have been super thankful for that little 1 Peter journal from my college days the last couple of weeks. I have been slammed with studying, and it has been wonderful to pull some knowledge from one of my favorite teachers that I have ever sat under.

So there you have it, another scatter-brained Sarah moment!

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Erin said...

At least you have your magic notebook for the home study stretch!