Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Fellow Crazy Bloggers...

So, I thought just for fun, in addition to my normal blog post for the day, I'd post a list of my friends who are also participating in the NaBloPoMo craziness in case you wanted to check out some of their fun posts as well!

  • Erin - super fun, witty friend that I worked with back in my PwC days. She's just become a fancy camera junky like me. She's also a super good writer. (Unlike me, she would never say "super good writer").

  • Natalie - my dear, precious college roommate who just got accepted into PT school! She's quite funny...and she has a new precious little niece who I'm sure might make some blog appearances!

  • Sarah - extremely wonderful community group friend. She's not only blogging, but she's taken the 30 day commitment a bit farther, and let's just say I'm impressed!

  • Kasey - sweet college friend who I probably haven't seen since college, but I still keep up with her through her blog.

  • Lindsay - another fun college friend who I solely keep up with through her blog. She takes fun pictures. You should check out the fun prank her and her husband just pulled!
I think I got everyone! Enjoy some other crazy bloggers!

1 comment:

Erin said...

My friend, we really are crazy bloggers - it's going to be an interesting month. And thanks for the "fun, witty, good" props!! I'll have to go check out the other gals and see what kinds of craziness we're up to!

p.s. I would totally use "super good writer," just for you...hmmm, I might have to work that into a post this month...