Sunday, November 15, 2009

New(ish) Music

I always love to hear what other people are listening to. I just love music. I love how fun it is and how a certain song can link to a certain memory. I just love music. So, here is some of the music that I've recently purchased.

1. Sara Watkins, Sara Watkins

2. You Deliver Me, Selah
3. The Outsiders, Needtobreathe

4. Fiction Family, Fiction Family

5. Church Music, David Crowder Band

6. Love, Save the Empty, Erin McCarley

What are you listening to that you love right now?


Sarah said...

Lots of jazziness, Ingrid, Michael Buble (who I suppose fits in the first), Greg Laswell, David Crowder, Coeur de Pirate, Ray LaMontagne, Phil Wickham, Beethoven, and I whatever else I'm feeling at the moment! :)

Erin said...

I love the music!! I don't get as much radio/headphones-at-work time as I used to, so a little lacking in awesome new music, but I'm kinda hooked on the usual suspects - Mat Kearney, Snow Patrol, Death Cab, Ben Folds, Ray LaMontagne. Throw in a little angry music for good measure.

I'm intrigued by your tunes - time to go listen to some snippets on iTunes!

Karla said...

Empire of the Sun, Wolf Parade, The Duke Spirit, Incubus, The Sounds, Passion Pit, Muse, The Black Keys, Discovery, Manchester Orchestra, Living Things, Grizzly Bear, Phoenix, Metric, and Them Crooked Vultures. Annnnd, that's pretty much my gym playlist. ;-)

Sarah said...

Um, I love how I have NO idea who Karla's people are. Yet at the same time, not at all surprised it's her gym playlist. Oh Karla. :)

Karla said...

Ha ha! You know me so well!