Sunday, November 08, 2009

Cowboy Up!

Last night I spent the evening with some of my favorite high school girls all dressed up in our best western outfits for our ranch party, The Draw. Last year we headed out to Kaufman on a ton of yellow school buses. This year, The Draw was conveniently located about five minutes from my house. It was a fun evening of watching my girls two-step and line dance, dancing with them to Miley's Party in the U.S.A. and anything Taylor Swift, and hanging out with friends. I love how our student ministries staff works really hard to have events that are cool enough for kids to bring their friends to and really have fun and enjoy them, and I think they do a consistently great job!

Bode & Braun getting ready to welcome kids.

Rachel, me, and Katie (we adopted her for the evening)

Lisa with Braun/Jefe/Paco...whatever you want to call him.

Let the dancing begin!

Community group minus Jen & Caryn. (Katie, Karla, me & Sarah)

Rachel & Tori - these girls LOVE to dance!

Rachel & Maddie - making up hand motions to songs can get extremely silly!

I'm not even sure...but I love Katie in the background!

Cute Siblings! Rachel & Aaron and Davis & Maddie


Erin said...

Yee-haw! Way to rock the cowboy hat, Miss Welch.

Kristie said...

you didn't go with my suggestion to wear pj's with your boots and hat. shame.

Jen Haney said...

SO fun! I am sad we had to miss. We moved to Richardson this weekend! Hope you are coming our way soon!