Tuesday, November 02, 2010

2/30: Hideaway Retreat

This weekend we got away for our yearly Hideaway retreat at Pine Cove.  I always love this weekend and the great, intentional time I get to spend with my girls.  This year Mike talked about Noah and how the way he lived his life on this earth as somewhat of a freak.  I loved the way he dug deep into the story and it created some great conversations with my girls.  We had a blast and as always I am so thankful for the place where I get to serve, and the girls God has placed in my life. 

 Spoons tournament...so much fun!!! (I love Karley's face in this one!)

 Me & Rachel - Can't even begin to tell you how much I love this girl and her heart for the Lord. She consistently challenges me.

 Karley & Maddie.  Crazy girls.  Karley is Maddie's friend from school and just started coming to our group in August...and I'm so glad she did...she's great!

 Our best attempt at self photography.  Still not great, but I'll take it.  Gotta love Laura.

 The finale of the spoons tournament...played with large cards and flamingos instead of spoons.  All you really need to know is that Laura's husband is at the bottom of that pile...he was intense...of course!

 Me & Lisa - can't believe this is our last year serving together in student ministries.  She's the first person I met when I showed up my first day.  And this was taken just hours before she started puking her guts up.  

 Flamingo Football with the cabin.  The boys legs are tied together...we still lose. Gotta love it.

 Cute shirts...courtesy of Brittnye's skills.

 Halloween dress up night.  They are funny...I won't lie.

If my Dougie Halloween costume confuses you go here, or even here (cracks me up every time).

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Kristie said...

Ha! I heart Dougie. :)