Monday, November 29, 2010

29/30: I love books!

I love to read.  I'm not highly discriminatory in my book choices either.  I just love transporting myself to another world and getting lost in a good book.  When I would come home on Christmas break during college I would read constantly...maybe even 10 books.  I've been thinking lately that I need to read more and watch TV less.  I mean, I'm not cutting out any of my favorite shows, but maybe some of the ones that have gotten really bad lately (can anyone say, THE OFFICE?!?) and not watching TV just to have noise. 

Over Thanksgiving I read two and a half books.  And it was wonderful.  I finished up my book club book from last month, the one for this month, and I'm about 90% through Hunger Games.  And oh my gosh - if you haven't picked that last one up, you should.  I've had it on my Kindle for a few months now, and I just haven't been doing much reading.  It's the first in a trilogy. I started it last night, and read it on the plane this morning, and on my lunch break.  I will most definitely finish it tonight. 

And today's outfit.  Yes, the red sweater was worn Saturday.  With totally different people.  And as I was trying to get my suitcase zipped at 4:45 this morning, it was imperative that I wear the things that would take up the most room...aka the sweater and the boots.  The the aforementioned hour at which I woke up to catch a flight this morning can explain my overall appearance this evening.


Lindsay said...

I love your brown boots...where did you get them?

Erin said...

Yay for reading!! I've had a couple of people recommend Hunger Games...I think it definitely has to go on my list now.

Sarah said...

Erin - you should DEFINITELY read them - they are awesome!

And Lindsay - the boots are Steve Madden. I got them at Nordstrom.