Monday, November 15, 2010

15/30: Hanging in...

So, I'm still feeling the sinus infection.  Yuck.  I finally called the doctor this morning and got an appointment for tomorrow morning.  Yay!

Random what-I'm-learning-right-now moment: God never leaves or changes.  I know, pretty basic stuff.  But it keeps hitting me.  We've been talking about it a little at community group.  I've been reading Hosea - talk about a reminder that the Lord is ALWAYS there.  And there are some harsh words used in there about how He feels when we choose to walk through life apart from Him.  All that to say, I've been encouraged and reminded and thankful that our God is always the same, He never lets go of us, and He never stops welcoming us back whenever we come to our senses after walking away.  Thank goodness!

And today's outfit.  This is one of my favorite sweaters.  I pretty much always feel cute when I wear it.  And I needed the extra help today - you know, with it being Monday and feeling blah.

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Jen Lewis said...

The awesome sweater made its first appearance in the 30 for 30 and the people rejoiced (or at least one person did)!!! Looking cute Sarah. Love it!