Friday, November 19, 2010

19/30: Sweet Relief

Relief is coming for so many things.  Relief from the sinus infection - thank you drugs.  Relief from the busy week - thank you Friday.  And relief from the go, go, go of like - thank you Thanksgiving break. 

I am absolutely ecstatic that it is Friday.  I haven't felt the need for a Friday so bad in a while.  I'm sure being sick hasn't helped that in the least.  But here we are.  We made it.  And I can't wait to crash out with sweet little Harper tonight while her mommy and daddy go out to dinner.  And celebrate Natalie's wedding at a shower for her tomorrow.  And even put up my Christmas tree! (I know this is controversial. And I still love Thanksgiving and am not skipping it.  I just don't really have any time to do it after I get back from Thanksgiving). And spend some time with good friends!  So relief, the weekend, I am so glad you're here!

Today, I wanted nothing more than to put on a Chili's t-shirt (since that's acceptable work attire) and call it a day.  But I stuck with the rules, and put on my comfy J. Crew tunic.  I mean, it's probably even more comfy than a t-shirt.  So here you are, my very little thought or effort outfit.

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