Tuesday, November 23, 2010

23/30: Harry Potter Excitement

Tonight is the night - I get to see Harry Potter.  And I am so, so, very excited about it!  In case you're wondering, I LOVE the whole Harry Potter series.  I've read the books (multiple times), and when the last movie came out, I went to the midnight showing opening day.  I waited a few days for the dust to settle this time, but I am SO ready to see it.  I've heard it's great!

Here is today's outfit.  I've never worn it with jeans before, which makes me excited - I love wearing things I wouldn't have necessarily put together before this challenge!


Anonymous said...

I loved HP 7.1! Also, that tunic dress looks great with jeans.

Erin said...

Harry Potter time!!!! Watching the movie MADE me NEED to reread the seventh book...which I'm now halfway through. I started it two days ago. Just warning you. =)

Love the outfit - super cute!