Sunday, November 28, 2010

28/30: I Love my Family

 I'm sure you know this...but my family is great.  I have loved spending the last several days just pretty much hanging out with them.  An article in the Amarillo magazine came out about my dad and the organization he does all of his work overseas through today. I loved sitting and reading it.  I didn't need another reminder of why I am so thankful for my parents and the way they raised me, but if I did, this would have been a great one! I wish you could all see the full article in the magazine, with all the pictures and everything.  They do at least have the article can find it here.

And no outfit picture today.  I stayed in my running clothes until about 4:00, when I showered and put on lounge around the house clothes.  I'll resume the craziness tomorrow!

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Transplant said...

Such a beautiful family! Miss you guys.