Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10/30: Nerd to the max!

Yes, we all know I'm a nerd.  We also know that I will put almost anything into spreadsheet form if given the chance.  So, here you have my 30 for 30 Remix spreadsheet.  Made to, of course, keep me from wearing the same outfit twice and make sure I'm wearing everything that I included in the challenge. 

I couldn't get the spreadsheet to print to print in pretty color, so I put in in a google doc.  If you're interested in my extreme nerdiness, you can see it here

And outfit #3 pictures were a little bit better.  I took advantage of the fact that my roommate was around this morning whenever it was picture time and used her skills!  Thank goodness!


Erin said...

You know I love your spreadsheet and embrace the nerdiness. Probably a little too much.

You look so cute! I love this challenge.

Jen Lewis said...

Love it! And make no mistake peeps, I am always "around" when Sarah takes her pictures in the morning. But I am normally asleep. Sad but true.

lb said...

still can't believe you get to wear jeans to work!

Colleen said...

interesting spreadsheet but to me it needs 3 sides so ti didn't quite work.
except then when I did it, i wouldn't wear the same pants and shirt with different shoes so who knows.

but here's the chart I made last time around.

Sarah said...

Tomorrow, I expect to see one of my awesome suggestions. Haha :)

Team Sherman said...

Love the nerdiness! You look so cute - I think you need to go shopping with me and help me pick out some outfits!