Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I Am a Nerd!

I'm a nerd. This is something I've always known, but has somehow seemed more apparent lately. The first and most defining thing that makes me a nerd is that I love to do tax returns. It's not normal. When friends need help with their taxes, I get excited (almost elated) to help them figure it out. I will spend hours of my free time in the spring helping people with their taxes.

I think that I should have seen from a young age that maybe I was meant to be an accountant. I have always loved filling out forms. Yet again, not a normal love of most children. I think forms are a little bit like tax returns...definitely should have seen the signs. I also like reading manuals. If anyone in the family gets electronics for Christmas, it is usually me reading the manual figuring out how everything works...I love it. And let's just polish it off with one of my biggest quirks - I love Excel. I'm honestly fascinated with everything that it can do, and I am thrilled whenever I figure out how to do something new. How to set up a new formula, how to make a simple spreadsheet more functional, even how to make it look more appealing, I love it all. So there you have it, my nerdiness in all its glory.

On another note, I went to dinner with some coworkers last night. We had gift cards to Houston's from Christmas that we hadn't used. It was so fun to hang out with them outside of work. Here are a few pictures from our evening.

Me & SarahBeth
The whole group. Becky, Julie, Veronica, SB, me, Brooke

Me & Brooke


Erin said...

Embrace the nerdiness and know that there are many more of us out there - ooh, maybe we need a support group. =)

lb said...

speaking of taxes... don't let me forget to do mine (which you promised to help with.) btw, i also loved filling out forms and the top of the TAAS test and i love to read manuals (including car manuals). i only wish i knew how to use excel. i guess that's what i have you for.

emmysue said...

I asked for a filing cabinet for Christmas in 5th're in good company! :) Love you!

Team Sherman said...

I love excel also! Nerd's unite!