Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Three Weddings and an Engagement

So, I've been blogging about all these weddings, but have failed, until now, to post any pictures. So here is a picture journey of my last few weeks:

Wedding #1 - Abby & Shaun
A beautiful wedding. Outside a historic home in Dallas. The perfect night for an outdoor wedding! Abby was in my community group up until this summer when she moved to Houston to get settled into her new life.

The Community Group (Karla, Katie, & Sarah)

Wedding #2 - Amanda & Trent
I served with Amanda in student ministries for a couple of years. She is a joy and it was amazing to see her marry Trent. Sadly, my camera wasn't charged, and I didn't realize it until we got to the wedding. I was kind of mess that day - I also left one of my shoes in my car and had to wear my flip flops to the wedding. I stole this pictures from Mel's facebook!

Kristin, me & Mel

Wedding #3 - Beth & Mason
I worked with Beth at Watermark. It was so fun to watch as her relationship with Mason started. I am so excited about their life together and the ministry that they are going to have as a couple. I had a blast at the wedding catching up with old work friends. So fun!

Me with Bethers!
Catching up with friends (me, Emily, Carlos, Emily & Lori)

The Engagement: SarahBeth & Jeremy
Jeremy proposed to SarahBeth, and it was such a fun occasion. I worked with SarahBeth at Watermark, and consider myself lucky to call her a friend. She is a thoughtful, loving, and very special friend. I am SO excited that her & Jeremy are getting married. Jeremy arranged a little party after he proposed, and it was great to get to hear the story and congratulate the newly engaged couple!!

SB was a little surprised to see everyone!
Roommates! (Julie, Brooke & me)

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