Monday, January 10, 2011

Random Tidbits

  • My tire pressure light has been on since the temperature dropped below freezing.  Happens every time.  But I have a fear of putting air in my tires.  There was an incident in college.  Let's just say I did more harm than good.
  • Oh, and my car needs gas.  Desperately.
  • It snowed yesterday.  I heart snow.  And it wasn't so much snow that the whole town of Dallas thought they needed to shut down...which was even better.
  • I wore athletic tights to work today.  And Uggs.  I mean, the high was 35 degrees.  But at least I put a nice sweater with them.
  • I love peanut butter.  I've already eaten small amounts of it twice today.  I might see if I can work in a third. Earth Balance chunky is my favorite case you care.
  • Body Pump might be my new favorite form of exercise. 
  • I got to meet these little guys this evening.  They are absolutely precious and tiny! I might steal one...she has two...she can share, right?
  • I bought brussel sprouts at the store today.  I'm going to try and find more vegetables I like, so I'm going to try a new one every time I make a grocery trip.
  • I cooked dinner in the crock pot.  I think I should do it more often.
  • I've made some great food lately.  You should try them both!


Erin said...

Props to the peanut butter - have you ever tried Justin's Nut Butter? It even comes in cool little single-serving packets in nifty flavors like Maple Almond Butter and makes me very happy.

Gawd, I sound like one of those blog-stalkers leaving random comments trying to sell you things.

Props also to the crock pot!! Mine hasn't gotten NEARLY enough use.

Carissa said...

My tire pressure light comes on when it gets cold also. Maybe it's a Camry thing?

Sarah said...

My car hesitated starting this morning...which deserved an expletive...oops. I mean hey, it's German; it should welcome cold!

And brussel sprouts? Eek! Hope you like them, for then you can have mine. Though I haven't had any since I was maybe 10. Try leeks. Love em. And so do French people hahaha.