Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lists, lists, lists

  • Apparently only list posts will be happening in the month of January.
  • I spent last weekend out at Possum Kingdom lake with all our girl leader's for student ministries.  It was such a great weekend out of Dallas hanging out with friends and meeting new people.  I didn't take a single picture, but it was wonderful.
  • I found out I don't like brussel sprouts, but I love cooked bell peppers.  This is news people.  But I still won't eat them raw.
  • I also faced my fear of putting air in my car tires.  It was successful. Thank goodness.
  • I am doing The Journey (a bible reading plan through my church) this year. We are in Isaiah right now.  I can't say that I've ever read all the way through it.  I think I always give up, but I'm really enjoying it this time around and learning a lot.
  • One of my friends from high school started a blog.  It's way fun for me, because of course, I know him.  But their life is crazy.  He and his wife are my age, have three boys, two of which are twins on the autism spectrum.  I love reading their story and reading how they figure out what it looks like to love these boys and follow Christ in the midst of it all.  You should check it out
  • I've been a little bit of a funk lately.  The cold weather, some frustration with different areas of my life, and I don't know what else have played a part.  I'm thankful that I got a chance to lay it all at the feet of Jesus this weekend at the retreat.  This week is better. 
  • Lindt Dark Chocolate with a touch of sea salt is heavenly.  You should try it. Sounds weird, but it is amazing!


Natrudy said...

I have had that chocolate before and I agree! It's the perfect combo of sweet and salty!

Sarah said...

That sounds very strange...the chocolate. But I don't like salt so probably wouldn't be a big fan. I'll leave more for you! :)