Monday, April 13, 2009

A few things

A few of the random things going on in my life or floating through my head right now:

  • I had a great weekend with my family. I enjoyed their company, celebrated birthdays, and took some time to remember the sacrifice my savior made for me.
  • With the exception of my plane ride home last night, I have been listening to my iPod exclusively on shuffle. I love the crazy mix of music you get that way. It was perfect on the way to work this morning…from a little Brooke Frasier to Matt Wertz…just what I needed to get my morning started.
  • Next weekend I’ll be with this girl. I haven’t seen Julia since she left for Arizona last summer, and that just makes me a little sad. I believe we are planning to see the Grand Canyon. I’ve never been there. I’ve been trying for years to get there. And now it shall happen.
  • I think my OCD/anal/beaver/just plain freak of nature habits are getting worse. If you know me well, you know this is scary. I didn’t know they could get worse. Maybe I should be medicated?
  • In June I’m going to be visiting this girl. Erin just moved to DC back in February, and I miss her. I’m excited to see her new home, and do some exploring in the city!
  • I am currently addicted to Kings…a new TV show on NBC. It is based loosely on the story of King David from the Bible. I love it, but would not suggest watching it, because it is probably going to be cancelled. Sad! Why do they cancel the good shows? Why do people tell me to watch shows that are just going to disappear on me a few short weeks later?
  • My friends Laura and Shawn leave for Brazil in a few weeks. It’s weird to not be going, but I am super excited for their trip. I might bribe them to put me in their suitcase!
  • I’m going to Cabo in October with my sister. She won a free week in a suite at the Hilton. I had enough miles to fly for free. I love free vacation!
  • Can you tell I’m making up for my lack of travel in 2008? Because I went to Brazil right after I started my job, I was in negative vacation for the majority of the year.
  • And last, but not least, I had my six week check up for my surgery today, and I am officially cleared. I believe I will start running tomorrow. Or not.


Julia said...

Grand Canyon, here we come!!

Erin said...

I like the life update! And I'm SO EXCITED that you're coming to see me in a couple of months!

Does it make me a beaver if the first thing I do at work tomorrow is print out the Smalley test to determine whether or not I am a beaver? I'm guessing yes.

Laura said...

swelchie, i'll stick you in my suitcase any day!!

Shawn Michelle said...

You can go in my suitcase for sure :)