Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have always loved hymns. I grew up singing them in church. They seem so holy and reverent and above everything else I tend to love the words. There is no exception for the song named “Hymn” on Brooke Fraser’s Albertine album. I can’t get enough of the words. If you know me very well, you know that music just has a way of getting under my skin, but when there are words this powerful, I get swept away. I think I’ve listened to the song at least ten times today. The words – especially the last verse speak so much of what I long for my desire to be and leave me realizing where I’m missing the mark. I long for my only ambition, goal and vision to be to dwell in Christ. But I’m so off base. I find my heart chasing after things that aren’t Christ. I find my heart dwelling in some of those places. I’ve been singing this one and asking God to make the words true of my life – whatever the cost.

If to distant lands I scatter
If I sail to farthest seas
Would you find and firm and gather
'til I only dwell in Thee?

If I flee from greenest pastures
Would you leave to look for me?
Forfeit glory to come after
'Til I only dwell in Thee

If my heart has one ambition
If my soul one goal to seek
This my solitary vision
'til I only dwell in Thee
That I only dwell in Thee
'Til I only dwell in Thee


Laura said...

good stuff swelch. good stuff.

Caryn said...

Sing it sister!!! I am with you on the hymns, they just get me. I love nothing more than an old hymn sung by a beautiful modern voice and a video like the one you included is just an added bonus, thanks for the encouraging words and song.

Sarah said...

That's one of my favorites, too. Right around Christmas was when I listened to it over and over, so now it also has that joyful memory, too.