Monday, April 20, 2009


I HATE the word moist. Even typing it kind of makes me cringe. I recently happened up this blog post where someone else agrees! I realize that I am not the only one, but it's just kind of nice to see it in print! It is generally an avoidable word...until you start trying to describe really good cake or cupcakes, then there's just not much else that will work - sadly!

When my small group girls were in seventh grade, someone decided to tell them about my hatred for this word. I have yet to hear the end of it. They find ways to squeeze it in to normal conversation just to get under my skin. It is loads of fun (said with great saracasm). I’m not sure how, but I figure someday I’ll pay Spencer back for opening his big mouth.

Saturday night my hatred of the word grew just a little more. I’ve mentioned my friend Sarah and her sweet little girl Harper on here before. Both of them made the trek down to Dallas from Wylie for my birthday dinner on Saturday night. I’m not sure what the exact circumstances leading up this comment were, but Sarah proceeds to say, “I heard someone say that motherhood is a very moist experience, and it’s true.” GROSS! I will now never have children. Maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it did prove true throughout the evening between the slobber, the diapers, and the cup of water Harper spilled all down Sarah’s jeans. Ahhh motherhood.

If anyone has a good suggestion for a synonym please let me know!


Spencer said... suggests "oozy"

Laura said...

oh and we can't forget her love of the word "lover"....where's bode when you need him?

Lisa said...

oh ew ew ew. now I am a little less excited. can we use the word "damp?"

Erin said...

Humidified? I stole from one of the comments on the blog post you mentioned.

I really don't think there's another word that captures that descriptor. Ewww.

Kacie said...

Hey - I found you through the student ministries blog-ring of sorts, since everyone lists everyone elses' blogs. I think you're Katie's roomate? Maybe?

Anyways, I thought this was hilarious because I also have a friend that thinks "moist" is disgusting.